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The Grand Tour Week: Parliament Pleasures, Bugatti Yachts and Women

We have rounded the corner on another week in the off-season of The Grand Tour, and while some of us are passing the time watching the new season of Top Gear, there are many who don’t care to watch Joey and Friends and are instead waiting patiently for any and all news concerning Jeremy, James, and Richard. Who knows, maybe some Season 2 news will drop out of nowhere (not likely anytime soon)!

As we twiddle our thumbs for new information, let’s instead take a look back at what happened this week. For those who don’t want to scroll through a bunch of pages, we will compile all the important news of the week right here in an easy to read post. Feel free to click on each title to get the full story. Enjoy!

British Delegates: Amazon-Prime Membership are “Parliamentary Expenses”

Several MPs get caught using parliamentary expenses to pay for Amazon Prime memberships, and later claim it happened by mistake. What an awesome use of taxpayer money, eh? However, there are loopholes to legitimize the purchase. Crick the title to find out more!

Grand Tour Ideas: Should Danica Patrick Be the New American?

The American is easily the least liked part of The Grand Tour (with Celebrity Brain Crash coming in a close second), and as soon as the season ended, posts were abound in social media wondering what will become of the character. Will Mike Skinner return as The American, or will the producers find someone new? A Redditor has a helpful suggestion. Check it out in the link above!

Jeremy Clarkson Officially Steps Out With Lisa Hogan

Love is in the air, can you feel it? After a number of paparazzi photos of Jeremy and a new lady by his side, Jezza has gone public with his new girlfriend Lisa Hogan. Check more about how Jeremy is doing in the link above!

Take James May’s Car Bore Quiz

If you’re always that person that puts the room to sleep with your endless talk about cars, then take James’ quiz to see just how much of a car bore you are! NOTE: this quiz is in jest and not meant to be taken seriously. Seriously.

Jeremy Clarkson On Drones: Are Regulations Ruining The Fun?

Drones are fun, and can be an incredibly cost effective way of getting dynamic footage. I myself like to use one for my automotive photography every now and then. But are government regulations regarding drones going too over the top? Jeremy offers some thoughts in the link above.

The Bugatti Yacht Makes Bugatti Cars Look Common

It’s a questionI find myself wondering all the time: Just what am I going to do with the spare few million dollars burning a hole in my pocket? For those struggling with that problem, Bugatti has the answer for you: a new Bugatti yacht to pair with your Chiron!

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