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The Grand Tour Week: Psycho Lambos, Psycho Bumper Car, and Psycho Golfs

We have rounded the corner on another week in the off-season of The Grand Tour, and while some of us are passing the time watching the new season of Top Gear, there are many who don’t care to watch Joey and Friends and are instead waiting patiently for any and all news concerning Jeremy, James, and Richard. Who knows, maybe some Season 2 news will drop out of nowhere (not likely anytime soon)!

As we twiddle our thumbs for new information, let’s instead take a look back at what happened this week. For those who don’t want to scroll through a bunch of pages, we will compile all the important news of the week right here in an easy to read post. Feel free to click on each title to get the full story. Enjoy!

The Grand Tour Helps Kickstart Huge Amazon Initiative To Take On Netflix

Jeremy Clarkson

Amazon is taking the fight straight to Netflix, and it’s pulling to punches. Amazon is expected to spend upwards of $4.5 billion of original content to keep up with Netflix’s reported $6 billion. So much money.

Birthday Edition: 5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Jeremy Clarkson

So apparently Jeremy Clarkson was in the European version of Cars. Who knew? Well, Europeans did probably…

Watch a Lamborghini Huracan Take Off With Nitrous

It’s not like anyone bought themselves a Huracan and said “Man, this thing drags ass.” But apparently I’m wrong and there are people out there who feel the need to make a Lambo Huracan even more mental.

Watch Jeremy Clarkson Go To His First Football Match

Jeremy used to have a chat show aptly named “Clarkson,” and in this segment, a beleaguered Jeremy finds himself at a local football, with his buddy Bill explaining what’s going on.

Watch James May Eat Rotten Shark and More

If this article were about the strange foods that Hammond has tried, it would be the shortest thing we have ever written. But instead, it stars James as he tries all sorts of odd foods presented by the one and only Gorden Ramsay.

The World’s Fastest Bumper Car and The Stig Have Some Fun

What’s the point of having a tamed racing driver if you can’t pop it in all sorts of ludicrous machines? Take, for instance, this bumper car outfitted with a 600cc sports bike engine. Yowza.

TV Insider Tells GQ Why The BBC Has Not Cancelled Top Gear

Last week we posted an article where a GQ editor lamented on why Top gear is even still on TV. An anonymous TV producer has now posted a response to that, and the reason is pretty much what we all expected.

Video: A 1200hp Volkswagen Golf Vs A Bugatti Chiron

Here we have a rather odd battle between heavyweights: one is an actual Andre the Giant in the form of a Bugatti Chiron, the other is Steve Rogers after taking the super soldier serum. One was made to be fast, the other, not so much, but now is. Enjoy the video!

Porsche Finally on Gran Turismo Sport

Finally! After years of RUFs littering the Gran Turismo series, it’s nice to see Porsche proper have their day in the spotlight. Looking forward to playing GT Sport!

8-Year-Old Takes Parent’s Car After Learning To Drive On Youtube

What’s funny is that this kid probably drives better than 99.9999999% of the drivers out on the road right now.

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