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The Grand Tour’s Attempt At Going Green Was Hilarious

In the first of our series of The Grand Tour’s favourite and most entertaining moments since the show began, we’re taking you all the way back to season 1 and specifically episode 4.

The premise of the show was that Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May had to make eco-friendly car bodies as a service to the car companies of the future, a groundbreaking ecological move I’m sure you’ll all agree… and as you can imagine, their offerings were complete and utter rubbish.

Let’s begin with Clarkson, who made his vehicle out of bone and animal skin which meant his car began to rot, smell and attract lots of wildlife, mainly in the form of rabid dogs, maggots and flies.

Hammond attempted to bring his garden with him on his travels, which sadly became victim to a tractor trimming a hedge, much to his anger and his fellow co-hosts hilarious pleasure. The plants which made up the vehicle tried their best to cover up the stench from Jeremy’s car but sadly the rotting bones and carcasses proved too much despite their efforts.

Finally James… his car was more industrial revolution than Greenpeace lets be honest. The vehicle, whose body was made out of mud, was falling apart before they even set off had and things didn’t get better from there. The huge weight of the vehicle slowed it down massively and when it began to fall apart, May had to dig up an entire field to make up another body kit for the monstrosity of a vehicle, which was bricks.. further weighing down the vehicle. The final evolution of James’ vehicle was a rather shaggy looking amalgamation of mud, animal waste and straw.

Stay tuned to Grand Tour Nation for more of our favourite Grand Tour moments.

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