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The Grand Tour’s James May Hits Out At Nicola Sturgeon “I find Her Interesting And A Bit Stroppy”

Grand Tour presenter James May has kicked out at Nicola Sturgeon as she outlines her thoughts on Scottish Independence. He believes the First Minister is “stroppy”, but is far better than Prime Minister Boris Johnson when communicating. In the same rant, he also questioned why Scottish weather forecasts are broadcasted to English audiences on the BBC news.

This all comes less than a week before The Grand Tour Presents: Lochdown comes to Amazon Prime where Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May drive through Scotland in three American cars.

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 “I would have liked to meet Nicola Sturgeon because I find her interesting and a bit stroppy,” May said.

“I would like to ask her some questions about Scottish independence and why there is too much about Scottish weather on the BBC news in London but, weirdly, she wasn’t interested in coming to see three old blokes in their s**t cars.”

He then compared her to Boris Johnson, who isn’t at the top of the country’s Christmas card list right now:

“In leadership, she’s certainly the equal of Boris. She’s tough and she’s good at speaking and she is believable, even though I find a lot of what she says a bit bonkers.

“But she’s closer to Angela Merkel than Boris with his ‘ah ahs’. You don’t get many ‘ahs’ from Sturgeon– she should be on TV.”

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The Grand Tour returns later this month with Lochdown, and fans will be happy to hear that it’s a brilliant return to form for the crew. Feeling more like the good days of Top Gear than ever before, the episode is a barrel of laughs from beginning to end, all while being stripped down to its basics thanks to COVID regulations.

It’s safe to say, we here at GTN are really excited to see what you all think of the episode.

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