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The Grand Tour’s James May Reviews His Alpine A110 In Hilarious New Top Gear Style Video

James May has recently reviewed his very own beach buggy that was first seen on an episode of The Grand Tour. The Beach (Buggy) Boys saw Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James modify three buggies and drive them across Namibia. But once the episode was over, James got his restored and brought it home.

He then reviewed it in the Top Gear style he’s known for, and the video was a huge success.

Now, he’s made a similar review on his Alpine A110 – a french sports car that he believes is the combustion engine fighting back against the all-electric future of motoring. Watch below:

James bought his Alpine three years ago after he declared it was his favourite car on its release. And it wasn’t a surprise after you hear him talk about the car, declaring it to be a supercar but smaller.

“Downsizing is a secret weapon that will help us preserve the cars we love.

“It means less impact, in every single sense of the word. I mean, obviously, this isn’t an eco-car, but in terms of the sensations delivered per litre of petrol burnt, I honestly don’t think it has an equal.”


James continues:

“Lightness, compactness. As the world winds towards its uncertain electric future, this… this is how internal combustion fights back.”

Check out James’ review on the Buggy before you go. It’s brilliant.

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