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The Grand Tour’s Producer On Upcoming Episode: “I Hope People Get That We’re Not Running Around Like Nigel Farage”

In less than a week, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May will be returning to our screens in a new episode of The Grand Tour, Carnage A Trois. The presenters will be driving a host of French cars while bringing carnage – there’s that word again – to the locals of Wales and Leamington Spa. Now, in an interview with, Grand Tour executive producer Andy Willman hopes that viewers won’t think they’re “running around like Nigel Farage” as they joke about what makes France so brilliant.

Wilman gives us insight into the episode, telling us the following:

“We knew it was a love letter to the French because we’re jealous of the fact that they don’t give a toss about what the government says they should do.

“We’re jealous of the fact they go, ‘No we’re not gonna build our cars like everyone else we’re going to do this’ even if it’s mental.’”

He continued to profess his love for the country: “We adore that spirit of that rebellious streak.

“The girl in the film who is in the race that was swearing at everybody, she is our French office junior.

“We were always checking against what she thought and she was loving it because she could tell we were jealous of what the French are like.

“I hope people get that, that we’re not like running around like Nigel Farage or something because that would mortify me if people thought that.”

In a road trip that takes the presenters from Wales and deep into the West Midlands, reportedly Leamington Spa and the surrounding area, the presenters destroy their cars, according to the producer:

“The joke has always been on us. We get to the top of that mountain and those cars are all absolutely shagged to death.

“But ultimately you’re thinking, ‘Only the French could do this, and only the French would find this fun and there is this longing to be like that certainly, with that spirit.

“When you see them all sort of tearing the speed cameras apart you’re like, ‘God, why can’t we do that?

“We know we’re living it now, governments get away with murder.”

He adds:

“We jump up and down, there’s a lot of waffling about it but ultimately we’re letting them get away with murder.

“The French wouldn’t let this lot get away with stuff so I think there’s a lesson we can learn definitely.”

Jeremy also gave his input into what the special meant to him:

“We tried to look at the quirkiness of French cars, really. We live in a homogenised world. Everything is the same, everybody eats at McDonald’s, everybody has an iPhone.

“It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, there are reference points for all of us.

“And yet, the French, they don’t think like us – and when I say ‘us’, I mean the whole rest of the world.

“They have different rules, they have different regulations, and this is evident in their cars.”

He finished:

“French cars are and have always been, odd. Even today, if you tell them they’ve got to make an ordinary, straightforward hatchback that will sell to millions of people all over the world, they’ll put the steering wheel under the dashboard or do something which is unconventional.”

The Grand Tour will return with Carnage A Trois when it’s released on Amazon Prime on December 17.

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