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The Grand Tour’s Richard Hammond Confronted By Angry Driver In Next Episode: “Move The F*****g Vehicle!”

In the latest trailer for the upcoming Grand Tour episode, The Grand Tour Presents: Carnage A Tois, Richard Hammond has abuse shouted at him from another driver he, Jeremy Clarkson, and James May dive into the world of French cars.

Navigating a roundabout in ‘the French way’, an angry driver gets out of his car and shouts at the ex-Top Gear presenter through his car window.

In France, drivers entering roundabouts have right of way in comparison to England in which cars already on the roundabout have the right of way. This, obviously, leads to a spot of bother for the presenter.

“I’m doing the roundabout the French way,” Hammond explains.

“I don’t care! You’re queued up here. Just move it,” the man shouts back as Richard turns to the camera and begins to talk over him.

“This is what happens,” Richard tells us as the man outside his car is getting more and more irate: “Move the f*****g vehicle!”

The trailer outlines the subject of this episode, which is due to be released December 17th. A voice over from Jeremy explains that the episode revolves around French cars:

“France. We like their food, their wine, but, French cars be a bit weird.

“The French pretty much invented motorsport and certainly today we will be adhering to French rules.”

An ample amount of chaos ensues in a way that looks oh so familiar.

Amazon describes the episode as the following:

In this second lockdown special, the trio dive into the bizarre world of French car culture. 

On an epic road trip starting in the Welsh hills, they dish up a hair-raising mountain climb, bomb defusals, propeller powered cars, helicopter stunts and the most thrilling race of their lives before reaching the English Channel for a jaw dropping medieval climax. And a soupcon of French art house cinema.

The Grand Tour Presents: Carnage A Trois will launch Friday 17th December on Amazon Prime Video. 

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