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The Grand Tour’s Worst Car Modifications From Clarkson, Hammond, and May

The Grand Tour has seen its fair share of strange and wacky modifications from hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May. It’s part of what makes the Amazon Prime car show so lovable, and yet, none of them really work.

From the M.I.L.F (Motorway Inter Lane Fuelling) truck to The Excellent, we thought we’d bring you every bad modification the boys have carried out from the first five seasons.

Jeremy Clarkson’s Nautical RV – International Buffoons Vacation

During a special episode of The Grand Tour, Clarkson, Hammond, and May are forced to go travelling across the United States. So, to this, they each buy an RV and modify it to suit their tastes. Clarkson modifies his with a nautical theme, adding a two-tone paint job with the driving controls all on the roof such as the steering wheel and the accelerator.

Within the RV, the whole interior was turned into a bathroom. Yep, a bathroom. But pull a lever, and you’re treated to the gorgeous views of the US.

Unfortunately, moving the control was a bit of an issue, with Clarkson suddenly losing all control over its gears and brakes, meaning Hammond and May had to force the RV to a stop using their own. This was a brilliant episode, but the modifications weren’t so good.

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