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The Guardian Calls Out Richard Hammond As Worst Part Of The Grand Tour

We are well past the halfway point for the inaugural season of The Grand Tour and I think it’s mostly safe to say that the boys have had enough time to get into a groove and find what works. As with anything, some stuff works and some stuff doesn’t, and I’m sure as the seasons roll on, any hitches will ironed out and we’ll get a smooth running show like old Top Gear.

The Guardian did a piece where they listed what they felt were the worst parts of TGT. Most of them made a lot of sense; the scriptedness, the music, the “controversies,” etc. However, one bullet point really did strike me as odd.

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Richard Hammond.

Yes, that’s what The Guardian has listed as one of the worst parts of The Grand Tour. Really? Hamster? Our beloved tiny wanna be American? Let’s let The Guardian explain themselves:

“Leaving aside his opinions on frozen desserts, Hammond is consistently the worst thing about The Grand Tour. He now exists purely as the show’s Mansplainer In Residence. Whenever Clarkson or May say something funny, as they sometimes will, you can bet your bottom dollar that Hammond will pipe up with a “No, because…” or a “Yes, but…” that will not only kill any humour, but loot its pockets and spend all its spare change on chips as well. The man must be stopped.”

I understand that this is simply one publication’s opinion and they are more than entitled to it, but it truly has me scratching my head. I mean, if you were to ask me, I would easily say The American was the worst part of The Grand Tour, or “experimental” episodes like Episode 2, but again…it’s simply opinion. Maybe they have a beef with Hammond that I don’t know about.

I think we fans have all but made our opinions heard at the point in the show’s life cycle, but what the hell: what do you guys think is the worst part of The Grand Tour? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

Tony Hsieh

Cars, the Buffalo Bills, video games, comics, sandwiches, jelly beans, and the shooting star press; these are the things that Tony loves (in addition to his family, of course). When he's not spending his time writing tech reviews for, Tony puts his lifetime love of muscle cars to use on his 2015 Mustang GT. Tony's top three favorite cars are the 1973 Mustang Mach 1, Ferrari 458, and Aston Martin DBS.

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  1. Coincidentally The Guardian is one of the world’s worst media publications; seeming to have a constant need to complain about the entertainment we all know and love.

  2. I actually agree. Richard Hammond has no comedy timing and his America loving is embarrassing. I think we feel that we can’t criticise Hammond because we still in some ways over protect him and don’t look at how crap he is because of his spectacular crash those many years ago.

  3. As an American, I’d like to apologize for “The American.” It was sort of funny at first, but has become predictable and monotonous. It would be WAY better if he were capable of engaging in a little wind up and repartee. As an example, point out that, in fact, Richard Hammond IS an American & is a part of the advanced party readying the English for assimilation into America and payment of 235 years of back taxes – with interest & penalties of course. But alas, Mike Skinner is, unfortunately, a bit like a belching contest.

    1. I dunno, technically, since the US was under British rule, it was an illegal uprising, so really, we still own you and you owe us a fortune in backtaxes. I’ll try not to bring up the tea thing eh? #howtotriggermurrica

  4. One-offs like Episode 2 were clearly not up to standard, but those mistakes won’t be repeated. What annoys me most of all is the continuing shtick of the American, which everyone finds grating. IMO, he’s got to go – and I’m an American!

  5. The American is by far is the worst part. There is a reason The Stig never talked. The scriptedness is too obvious. Running jokes like the celebs dying isn’t funny anymore. And the jordan military thing was highly annoying actually had to skip past the segment.

  6. The worst part is celebrity brain crash and how James always say does that mean their not going on then

  7. The American and celebrity brain crash need to go. The Guardian and Mirror UK have had long standing beef with these 3 gentlemen.

  8. The American/Celebrity brain crash are the worst things by far. Conversation street occasionally is good. Otherwise I feel like keeping a studio audience was probably not a great move. They don’t add anything and I personally don’t care for the segments.

  9. It’s a new show leave the guys alone they will find there way and they can’t get the sting or eles they will be sued that’s why they don’t have the news if they had the news it would be top gear with a different name.

  10. There are some very good bits … but that’s it, bits. There were times when TG looked tired, and then they managed to pull something out of the hat. GT desperately needs a hat.

  11. Even though the writer tried to put a disclaimer on it the mere fact it was mentioned left no doubt in my mind the folks at the guardian really, really love ice cream and are still holding a grudge. Love the show, even when it fails it does so brilliantly.

  12. They lost their right for anyone to give a shit when they said “mansplainer.” It’s not Richard they hate, it’s men they hate.

    1. Well put. I thought the Namibia double was a sign that the boys have really hit their stride again. As for “the American”, the only bad bit is when he opens his mouth. Perhaps a nice helmet, visor down? Or duct tape…

  13. We already have one crazed, lunatic American being forced down our throats. Please don’t let us have to endure a second!!

  14. It really doesnt matter to me, The Guardian itself is not relevant. What are they radio? newspaper? Honestly, I dont really give a f***. Its quite obvious why they despise hammond, its something to do w/ the ice cream remark.

  15. Seriously tho, the American is easily the worst part of the show by far. Shut up and drive, man!

  16. Does anybody actually take the Guardian seriously? It’s like the print version of those lunatics ranting about the end of the world, just less grounded in reality.

  17. The American is pretty silly. Just drive the wheels off the car with no silly commentary.

  18. My biggest hate is the celebrity bit where they always die. And James always said oh is she not coming on then. That for me is the part that makes me cringe. And the bloody American.

  19. The worst part of the Grand Tour is the fact that there are so many folks who can’t take a joke or don’t understand the show trying to get their two words in edgewise to give it a hard time.

    More seriously, the American is definitely he weakest point for me. He’s neither funny nor interesting. I read somewhere else someone suggesting that they replace him with a non-English speaking driver with bad subtitles like they’ve done in a few other episodes for other scenarios, and I agree that would be funny.

    And also, unpopular opinion, but I really liked episode 2. Go figure!

  20. The feeling of it being so scripted definitely needs to go or it will soon die a death just like TopGear. Bring back the old style of TopGear – felt much more real years ago!
    Also agree that The American needs to go. Some of the old school races they used to do would be good – e.g. London to south of France, etc.

  21. The trio represent 3 different mindsets. So to say one needs to go is like saying vanilla ice cream is a waste because of chocolate being better. They work better together….for our entertainment….because of their differences. And as far as any episode being poor or bad….. no such thing. Great job Grand Tour!!

  22. The GT is trying too hard not to tread on TG territory. TG can’t say that they hold the sole rights to doing celebrity interviews on a car show. There is no way that would stand up in court. So why the “Celebrity Kill” every week…which is becoming unfunny? Yes. The American is deeply unfunny too. I think the guys need to give the GT a big rethink. I don’t think it’s working that well. I’m looking forward to the new TG

  23. Yes, Episode 2 was garbage and The American needs to go, but it’s getting there. Just needs The Stig.

    1. The american is an opposite of the stig. In top gear the stig dont talk. In GT the american talks more than he should. But yes i agree the American segment is boring. And their ebola track is boring too.

    2. Episode 2 was one of the most entertaining to me so far. The show isn’t just about cars, it’s about entertainment. And that one had me laughing throughout.

    3. But they don’t need The Stig. Such characters have become outmoded now and The American is just an attempt to caricature a racing driver in order to make a new Stig.

      They’d be better just recruiting a racing driver to be himself and put forward a professional opinion, albeit in a fun way.

      I hear both Jenson Button and Mark Webber are available.

  24. The American is the worst part of the show with dumb ass comments. Just drive the car and shut up or say something useful. Bring back the stig or throw a helmet on this guy so he can shut the hell up.

  25. Thank you for this article. I do agree with on the worst part. The American.
    Second worst, in my opinion, is the “celebrity brain crash”. Still here, I don’t like Hammond when he replies May. It was ok in the first episode – but repeating every single time?

  26. GT Fan: the is really good, it’s good explosions and cars and everything!

    Guardian Editor: Yes, but…

    GT Fan: What, you prefer new (old) Top Gear?

    Guardian Editor: No, because…

  27. The GUARDIAN is just stupid. Some say it is a rag that people often use to clean dust with or the dog. Real created success is hated by libtards, just remember that.

  28. As soon as they said “mansplainer” i quit caring what they said. They can take their SJW bs and stick it where the sun doesnt shine….while hiding in their safe space…

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