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The Watches Worn By Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May Of The Grand Tour

If there’s one thing we love as much as cars, it’s watches. And we know you do, too. So today we thought we’d go through three gorgeous watches worn by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May during their days of Top Gear and The Grand Tour.

Jeremy Clarkson – Omega Railmaster XXL

Clarkson is keen on a nice Omega, wearing countless models throughout his time as a presenter on the two infamous car shows. He’s mentioned in plenty of columns, too, that he’s always been an Omega man, despite getting them stolen quite often.

He’s also been seen wearing IWCs, and more recently a white G-Shock GA100.

We want to discuss is Omega Railmaster XXL – a beautiful watch unveiled in the mid 2000s as part of the large Railmaster family which was started in 1959. It’s large, suiting the larger wrist, and has a manual wind, a 49mm stainless steel case with Omega’s 2201 caliber. It comes with a black or brown leather strap, but Jeremy has seen with the brown with a déployante clasp.

Richard Hammond – Tissot T Touch

Hammond likes a bit of everything when it comes to wrist-wear. he’s been seen wearing anything from Rolex to Breitling or TAG Heuer. He’s also been seen wearing a Tissot T Touch with the orange strap. that’s what we want to discuss here.

He’s worn it all over the place on both Top Gear and The Grand Tour. It made the edit during several specials, including the African search for the Nile and Burma. The T-Touch suits this perfectly due to its resistance to wear with its titanium case and sapphire crystal glass. It’s solar-powered and weighs only 89 grams.

James May – Omega Seamaster Chrono Quartz

Captain Slow loves his watches, with most of his timepieces being rare and interesting. He’s confirmed that he still has all of his watches apart from one which was stolen.

The watch we’re discuss here is the Omega Seamaster Chrono Quartz. It’s a gorgeous watch that uses quartz technology, and was the first digital/analogue chronograph ever made. It’s made of stainless steel and features both an analog mechanism to the right, and a digital screen on the left which is powered by a 32 kHz quartz crystal oscillator.

Launched in 1976 at the Montreal Olympic Games, only 15,000 of this model has been produced, costing around £375 when new. Nowadays, it costs almost ten times as much.

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  1. I just want to say how much I love all your shows you guys are the best, if I’m having a bad day I just put on your show and it cheers me up.I love how you 3 are so good together, you have such a great repor together.I tell everyone about you guys.Please please keep making more shows, your so loved by so many dont let us down.Keep your show going!!!😁😊🤗👍

  2. Er………these were fakes.

    I work a fake Rolex in the 90’s that my uncle brought me from the far East.

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