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There Are Maybe Only Three Episodes Of The Grand Tour Left

Season 4 has started, and with the latest changes to format, people are having mixed feelings towards the first episode which was release late last week. Unfortunately, this could be the first of the remaining four episodes before The Grand Tour finishes. I refer you to Mr Richard Porter, script editor of The Grand Tour and Top Gear before it.

We referred to this in a previous article where we listed everything that we thought was wrong about Seamen, one of which was that Richard Porter wasn’t involved for the first time in 17 years. He revealed on Twitter that there are no more series of The Grand Tour, and that only three special episodes remain, two a year beginning from last week.

This ties up with our estimations after we found out that the crew behind The Grand Tour have been contracted for another two years. It’s a possibility that this is only what’s contracted, and that there will be more episodes (or specials) coming after this, but there have been rumours that the trio are slowly winding down for retirement.

Whatever happens, we’re sure that Clarkson, Hammond and May will keep producing some kind of media, with their three solo projects already kicking off very soon. These are much less straining on the trio and because of this, could last longer than The Grand Tour which has been incredibly dangerous this past year.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye and will update you with any further information.

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  1. What bullshit. Great show but seriously 2 a year. Forget it rather put my money towards a different tv subscription where i get better/more content. Amazon Australia’s content is junk already and i was only using it for grand tour. Not any more

  2. I admire how these three talented presenters seem to work their way through anything that is thrown at them… Yes, they were completely out of their element but not totally inexperienced with boating, all having done several series episodes over the last decade or so involving boating in some way. That said, I was disappointed in the direction of the show in episode one but not REALLY disappointed. The three made what was obviously a terrible experience for them as the journey went on, VERY entertaining to watch. I do hope however, that the next episode will have some more gentle adventure for the three aging stars.

  3. Clarkson: “It doesn’t rain here because .. Global Warming”
    10 sec later – pours like cats and dogs

    Didn’t you hear? It’s Climate Change now !

  4. Not a fan of the most recent episode. It seemed labored. It also seem the gents weren’t having fun. All good things must come to an end and for me, The Grand Tour ended with the emotional finale of Season 3. I’m sure I’ll watch the last of GT, but I also really enjoyed this past season of Top Gear and will continue to watch as long as they keep the current lineup.

  5. I will continue to watch Grand Tour for as long as it is produces. No desire to watch Top Gear. I am sorry if you did not approve of the last episode but you surely do not speak for me. Could there have been more cars, yes. However, their chemistry is what makes it worth watching. There are plenty of car shows, most of which are boring or lame to watch. Their trio plus cars = excellent show. Their trio minus cars= still fun to watch!

  6. I think if they was doing a show on flower arrangements I’d still watch it ! It’s the combination of all three with the normal every day banter , piss taking and sarcasm, the kinda stuff we all have !
    “Keep on keeping on Boyz” !! And what ever ya do I’m in !!! 👌

  7. I do love these three gentlemen truly! They have opened me to a world of cars that, if not for them, I would have never come to appreciate. That being said, I loved the new special but felt James was not given enough air time. It felt like Jeremy was the main feature. The last 30 minutes of the special were thrilling and terrifying all at the same time. But really, how much longer can they keep up this pace? They have families and private lives to think about. Let’s enjoy what is left of their contracts, the specials and give them the leeway to bow out when it seems right for them to do so 🙂

  8. These 3 are the only thing left worth watching on British TV you can’t buy the chemistry they have, love the humour and everything they do, please, please keep going!!

  9. Ironically, if they’d kept the tent/studio format with Conversation Street and left the track driving to Abbie, they could have gone on for years. The lads would have been able to relax, not put themselves at risk, and retire on top.

    Instead, Hammond’s taken another trip to the hospital, Jeremy’s had pneumonia, and James May got injured by a giant phallus making an entirely different show he has no business making.

    Their big mistake was finishing season 3 giving fans the impression there were going to be two more full seasons of TGT like the first 3, then slowly whittling it down to nothing in dribs and drabs. Nothing pisses off fans like being cut out slowly.

  10. Sorry but the trio can’t stop and retire until I get to retire so that gives them at least 10 more years lol. I have spent at least the last 18 years waiting for each and every season and can’t imagine not having the trio hijinks to brighten my year.

  11. Jeremy is getting old but hopefully they keep going the chemistry is hilarious when they want it 2 be would be sad if it was over it’s some of best entertainment available

  12. I watched the latest episode of grand tour
    And found it to be excellent entertainment
    Beets watching strictly any day. These three have kept the nation if not the world entertained many years . With their strange friendship long may it last leave them to do what they do best and entertain the world.

  13. I don’t care what anybody thinks. The first episode of season 4 was f*ing awesome. I loved every minute, and anyone bitching about no cars should just eat a muffin and shut it. I’ll be watching every episode, quite happy with whatever the trio is up to. In fact, they’re the only reason I have Amazon prime to begin with, and as long as they’re at it, I’ll be subscribed.

  14. Normally in the old Grand Tour format or even the Top Gear days they would have a 2 or 3 duds a season. Now If you only have 2 episodes and one is a dud…. that’s not good for the show….

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