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This Ford Raptor Van Is What The A-Team Would Drive Today

If your Raptor F-150 doesn’t have enough seating for you and your crew, well St. Petersburg-based Ford-Market has a proposition for you. The Russian shop has taken a Ford Econoline 350 Club Wagon bus with a 5.8 V8, and given it a very reasonable Raptor upgrade.

These guys added all new and improved trim, including the obligatory grill, badges, gas cap, lights, and most impressively the additional set of wheels. For a while, the “Raptor Bus” wore its original striped and rusted paint, until it got the iconic red treatment Raptor trucks are known for.

There is no telling if the Ford-Market team intends on changing out that big ‘ol V8 for the Raptor’s turbocharged V6 engine. As we know, a large part of the Raptor experience is the sound of it pulling in a ton of air and whistling away as its twin-turbos get going. That’s the sort of authentic detail that would take this build to the next level.

While this thing looks mean, there is definitely a comedic effect at play here. For example, the rear fender flares, which are about as wide as a love-seat. It obviously had to accommodate over three-feet of wheel, but still can understandably get a laugh.

To keep up with this baby, check out the Instagram account of Ford-Market, hopefully they keep developing this bus.


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