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This One Joke Got Richard Hammond The Top Gear Presenter Job

It is difficult to imagine a Top Gear without Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. Well we can, because we got one, in the form of Chris Evans, Matt LeBlanc and Chris Harris and sadly, it didn’t really work.

Thankfully, since the trio’s departure from the BBC show, Top Gear has found it’s feet again it seems. In a recent interview with DriveTribe, Richard Hammond opened up about his beginnings at Top Gear and spoke about how he ended up landing any car lovers dream job. He said:

“I met Jeremy and Richard Porter and Andy Wilman. I had to do a piece with Jeremy and a piece to camera about a car.. and I went home quite sad because I thought ‘that show is going to be amazing, they’re going to have an an incredible time and I won’t be a part of it.. cos I’m not going to get the job’.”

You’d think that such a well known face such as Hamster’s would have walked away feeling confident that he’d won everyone over, but remember this was before Richard had made the big time, it was Top Gear which made him in-fact. He continued:

“And then months went by and then the phone rang and we were in our little basement office in our little house in Cheltenham.. Mindy was with me.. and I said ‘thats them!’ and answered it was.. and they said would you like to join us.. so I burst into tears and opened a bottle of champagne. That is the honest truth.”

That must have been some feeling, to find out that he had just landed his dream job, he would of had no idea the crazy adventures, experiences and crashes (sorry Richard) that he would encounter along the way. Here at Grand Tour Nation, we’re personally so glad he made the cut. You can watch the full interview below:

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