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Top Gear And The Grand Tour Often Communicate As To Not Copy Each Other

We recently discussed the similarities between Clarkson’s Top Gear and The Grand Tour and the latest iteration of Top Gear with Chris Harris, Freddie Flintoff and Paddy McGuiness at the helm. But recent reports have explained how there’s actually much more talking between the two competitors than you’d expect.

In an interview with Deadline, Top Gear executive producer Alex Renton said that there are often internal communications between the two companies to make sure the two don’t cross paths. As there have been some obvious overlaps in the past, this is obviously needed. One example was when the new Top Gear planned to go to Azerbaijan, but cancelled their plans after they found out it had been done already by the original trio.

On the other hand, the new Top Gear got to Nepal before The Grand Tour for the 2019 Christmas Special, so arguably Clarkson and co may not be going there any time soon. 

Another executive producer, Clare Pizey, explained: “If we know in advance they are going somewhere, we would avoid it because it’s not what viewers want”. 

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We have often said how two car shows are better than one, but two car shows that are doing the same thing is as good as one, so let’s hope they can arrange their scripts to overlap as little as possible. 

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