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Top Gear: Church Of Jeremy Clarkson Founded After Insane Episode Of Car Show

One of the most memorable Top Gear episodes of all was when Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May entered the Ugandan town of Jezza. It was an innuendo assault on the senses as the trio explored Jezza’s rough back rounds and interesting outlets before carrying on on their adventure to find the source of the River Nile.

A source told the Sun,

“Jeremy is terribly flattered and very much likes the town.

“He even bought an armchair from it, once.

“Frankly a church in his honour is long overdue.”

“We’ve just entered Jezza. When I say I’ve just entered Jezza, that’s a disgusting thought.

“We’ve come into Jezza. No, we haven’t come into Jezza,” James tells the in-car camera as they each drive their budget beaters into Jezza’s centre. Here, Clarkson bought a chair as a present to Hammond, and they later found somewhere they’d never thought they’d adventure to: Jezza’s back alley.

The church, which has now been started in Clarkson’s name, is named JJeza Holiness Church, and even has a website which states that its main service and Sunday School is, surprise surprise, on a Sunday from 11:30am to 1:30pm. We’ll meet you outside five minutes beforehand.

It can even be found on Google Maps, which displays the church as ‘The Church Of Jeremy Clarkson’. 

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