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Two Lamborghini Aventadors Crash Proving We Live In a Simulation

You have probably ruined a fair share of family dinners trying to convince your relatives that this is all fake, and we live in the Matrix. We’ll now we are going to give you some ammunition to make your case.

Two yellow Lamborghini Aventador S supercars, with surprisingly similar modifications, bumped into each other on a virtually empty stretch of what looks like parking lot. While the drivers were driving in unison around Singapore, one rear-ended the other.

The two drivers, acting quickly out of embarrassment, removed their license plates. Even still, SG Road Vigilantes quickly uploaded a post to Facebook which identified the vehicles.

Even more ridiculously, one had been seen earlier misbehaving in traffic, and almost causing collisions at a roundabout. This spotting was caught on dashcam, and was what allowed the group to identify the one vehicle.

What’s perhaps the most impressive part of this, is that the two cars were not only painted the same color, but also had similar side-skirts, the same rear-wing, diffusers, and black wheels. It’s not like there are thousands of Lamborghinis in Singapore, let alone ones that look this way. If a crash like this happened on GTA, it would be notable, but this is real life!

Well guys, as far as accidents go, this one is one of the most bizarre in a long time.

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