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Video: James May Fixes Old Hornby Train Reassembler Style

In the second video of this series from DriveTribe, James May works further on this 1960s Hornby train. Today’s objective is to look into the motor further. It’s spinning intermittently, but something’s not right. Watch below to see how they go.

By pulling apart the assembly around the motor, they can get in and clean the pieces. Using a little fibreglass pencil (seen before on the Reassembler), they can clean off the copper contacts within.

It turns out the innards of this little Hornby train are incredibly dirty, so James and co-worker Mike Fernie begin to dig in to the carbon buildup, removing the sludge.

With everything cleaned, the components are lubricated and put back together. Unfortunately, there’s still too much gunk causing friction around the motor, so when it’s tested once more, it starts to falter. James recognises some dirt on the chassis, too, so they plan to get the necessary cleaners for the next video.

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