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Video: James May Goes Vegan For A Day To Celebrate World Vegan Day

A day isn’t that difficult is it? As James May says at the end of the video below, he won’t find it challenging to go vegan for a day because he could probably just not eat for a day. But this isn’t so important. What is important, is that James May has produced a new video for us to continue his new cooking show, so gather round everyone!

Today he’s back in the FoodTribe kitchen bunker with the mission to feed two electricians who are working silently in the background. One is being made a bratwurst hot dog, the other a bockwurst. After James talks us through how to cook and assemble both hot dogs, he gives them to the electricians to try. But wait, what’s this got to do with going vegan?

At the end of the video, James admits that they are both vegan sausages, and therefore don’t include any animal produce whatsoever. In fact, the whole recipe is completely vegan friendly, making this the perfect meal to ease you into a life of not eating meat.

I have to say, we’re quite hungry now so may try this recipe out ourselves in the office. Who’s with us?

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