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Video: Jeremy Clarkson Opens His New Farm Shop – Diddly Squat Farm

For his new farming program, I Bought A Farm, Jeremy Clarkson opened up his new farm shop, Diddly Squat Farm, last Saturday. After posting an invitation to the grand opening on his Instagram and Twitter, swarms of fans headed to Chadlington, Chipping Norton, to witness this triumphant moment.

He opened up the shop to reveal a host of vegetarian food and drink, including vegetables “drizzled in fungicide”, and “mildly organic” horseradish. Outside the farm was littered with health and safety signs such as “don’t fall in this big hole”, and “if you hurt yourself here it’s your fault”. Then there’s our personal favourite of “do not catch fire”, which adorns a sign next to a firepit.

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Watch the video below to get the full picture:

Clarkson can also be seen alongside his partner, Lisa Hogan, auctioning off bottled fluid that he says is water… on the bottle it says, “Diddly Squat Water, it’s got no s**t in it”.

Were you there to watch the opening of the now-famous Diddly Squat Farm? Let us know in the comments…

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