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Watch As A Car Literally Flies Into The Back Of A Tesla – Violent Crash

Taken from what I suspect to be a dashcam, this violent incident shows a speeding car flying through the air at pace before slamming into the rear corner of a Tesla Model X, which itself took flight.

Because of the angle of the camera, we’re unable to see exactly what happened for this to be able to occur, but there’s obviously some level of bad driving going on here. It almost looks like the driver of the white car is trying to beat another car which is trying to merge, but we’re unable to confirm this.

The white car somehow gets pushed to the right of the road and hits the concrete barrier, launching the car upwards into the air. Unfortunately, in the same direction sits an innocent blue Tesla Model X, which itself becomes airborne when the car hits it at speed.

It’s reported that the driver of the white car flew through the windshield, suffering cuts across his head, but the injuries to the driver and only occupant of the Model X still haven’t been released. She did however stay in her car while they waited for the ambulance arrived, obviously trying not to move just in case she had sustained internal injuries. Very wise.

It’s no secret that the Model X is one of the safest cars on the road at the moment, but even then, at the velocity of this crash, we highly doubt the car will live to tell the tale. Despite this, it looked as though the impact was absorbed by the frame of the car, although it’s fairly obvious that anyone in the back seats on the left could have sustained major injuries.

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