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Watch This Beautiful Bodyless Suspension Take On The Nurburgring

A car’s suspension is one of its most critical components. In addition to the dizzying number of individual springs, arms, nuts, bolts and other general minutiae, suspensions can be set up in a bunch of ways–MacPherson struts, leaf springs, double wishbones, or pushrods just to name a few. But what you hardly see is all this stuff working way under your car’s body; this video provides a glimpse into the wonderful world of what keeps your car from dragging on the concrete.

This particular setup is pulled from an E39 BMW M5, riding on a rolling road and programmed to simulate a lap of the Green Hell itself. You can see the springs and control arms bouncing up and down in tandem, keeping everything else stable and secure.

One of the most fascinating parts of the video is watching the sheer amount of torture the tires have to endure; at several points it looks like they might just give up the ghost and tear away from the rims, and while that would be really entertaining to watch, the Smart Engineering People who made this fortunately know better.

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