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Watch James May Unbox A Knife In Hilarious Video Of Grand Tour Presenter

James May is, surprisingly, now known for his cooking skills. With his new Amazon Prime show, ‘Oh Cook’ collecting more positive reviews than that one episode of The Grand Tour with boats that we don’t talk about, he now sits at the head of the celebrity chef table with the likes of Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver. Okay, maybe not, but he’s still brilliantly funny, isn’t he?

In a recent video with FoodTribe, May once again forgoes a steering wheel with him instead focussing on an unboxing of a gift from a fan. It’s a handmade knife made just for the ex-Top Gear presenter, and his face says it all when he pulls the implement from its sheath. That sounds a bit weird, but you know what I mean.

He’s been sat on the package for about a month since it was sent in by Luke Willey and his company Willey Choppers. Best company name in the world?

It’s a beautiful creation with May appreciating the exquisite design and build quality.

He cuts through a baby leak: “Hardly felt it. Like getting an injection off a really good nurse,” he says. He then takes the knife to a carrot which quickly meets its demise.

“Things taste better when they’ve been cut with a craft knife,” he insists.

Will we be seeing this knife in a future episode of ‘Oh Cook’? I hope so, as he’s keen to keep the knife for ceremonial occasions, and when better to withdraw it from its ‘scabbard’ than while being watched by millions of people?

Oh Cook is currently available to watch on Amazon Prime Video, and James May is currently enjoying his knife.

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