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Watch This Mustang Try Its Best To Crash Into A Mitsubishi Evo X

It seems like every week we are finding a new video of Mustangs crashing. As if you needed another public service announcement on the dangers posed to the community by Mustang drivers, let me present you with this drag racing video.

At the now opened Tulsa Raceway, we see a recent model-year orange Mustang squaring up against a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X. Okay, that seems like a pretty exciting race, nothing strange there.

Well, then the two head down the quarter-mile, and the Mustang loses control, fishtailing across the lane and in front of the Evo (it was winning, for what that’s worth). The two narrowly avoid a brutal collision, while the Mustang slams into the concrete barrier on the other side of his opponent’s lane.

From the description of the video, the cause seems to be that, “he blew driver rear tire out, because he didn’t let off throttle while his tires was spinning.” There’s no telling from this angle if that actually would cause a malfunction like this, or if it was just plain-old user error.

Thankfully, nobody seems too hurt from the perspective of the camera, and the Evo did an excellent job of stopping short of a collision. Of course, egos aren’t something you can claim on your insurance.

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