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We Love Richard Hammond For This – His Day With Rays of Sunshine

Rays of Sunshine is a charity which grants wishes to seriously ill children. Whether it be to sky dive or to be Batman for a day, these guys make it happen and make children who deserve it the most, very happy.

A girl named Emilia wished to drive in a pink Lamborghini with Richard Hammond, so of course after lots of hard work from the charity and some very giving, selfless businesses around the area, the day was planned!

Hammond arrived at her house with a bright pink Aventador, ready to take her to an airstrip called Shobdon Aerodrome in Herefordshire where they’d make the most of the limitless speed of the car. You can tell from the video just how happy Emilia is to be driven around by one of her idols.

Emilia died in 2013. She was just 8 years old. But thanks to the Rays of Sunshine charity and Richard Hammond, her wish came true.

I’m going to donate, and I hope maybe you’ll think about it, too. If you can’t give, then maybe think about sharing their website on your social media. No child deserves to be in pain, let alone anything like this.

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  1. Congratulations so wonderful for someone to take time to bring a memory of happiness to a child. The car owner, spray painters support people Thank you

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