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What Cars Did Freddie Mercury Own?

He was a legend of his time, with Queen becoming one of the most well-known and most successful bands in the world. But what cars did Freddie Mercury own? Before we get into the list, here’s a quick factoid that you my not know. He loved his cars, and owned many… but didn’t actually have a driving license. Shock!

Let’s get into the list.

6. 1950 Studebaker Champion


Being the most popular model ever made by the American company Studebaker, it’s no surprise that Mercury owned a Champion. Made from 1938 to 1958, the car sold so well it saved the company from bankruptcy.

It was designed by Raymond Loewy and featured that gorgeous bullet nose, was light, and its engine had such good fuel efficiency, its was used in cargo carriers and tanks in World War 2.

5. Daimler Limousine


There is little information available about Mercury’s cars, so we’re doing our best here to find you what he owned a little bit of information about his ownership. All we know about this specific car was that it was bought by Freddie as Queen started becoming more successful. It’s more than likely the DS420 which was used by the royal Swedish, Danish, and English royal families.

4. Rolls Royce Silver Shadow


This Rolls Royce later replaced the Daimler as Freddie’s fancy drive. Of course, it was actually driven by a chauffeur as Freddie still hadn’t got a driving license.

His car was finished in light grey, with grey leather interiors and wood trims, and featured a cassette player and an in-car telephone. Latest tech back in the day! It was later sold at auction by Coy’s.

3. Mercedes Benz 420 SEL


The Mercedes was purchased by Freddie in 1986 and quickly became his favourite car. It was therefore used on a daily basis. It was later sold by Sotheby’s in 1996, but was abandoned by its new owner. It waited and rotted in a work site before being found by Ross Waite. Unfortunately he couldn’t afford to restore it so instead sold it in its current, awful state.

2. Lincoln Town Car


With the car replacing the Lincoln Continental in 1981, it quickly became the go-to luxury American car. So when Freddie purchased an apartment in New York, this was his first choice for a daily runner around the Big Apple.

1. Range Rover V8 Convertible


There had to be some oddity on the list, and this is it: a convertible V8 Range Rover. Not a particularly pretty car, but a car that would certainly get attention. Especially with Freddie sat in the open-air seats.

It was later sold to Roger Taylor, the drummer of Queen, who was also a massive petrolhead.

So ladies and gentlemen, that it’s for Freddie Mercury’s car collection. As I’m sure you can tell, it’s quite modest for a man of his popularity and wealth. But I’m sure the fact he didn’t have a driving license had something to do with that.


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  1. The Range Rover V8 Convertible was actually Roger’s car first. He’s the one who had it modified into a convertible. He sold it to Spinny Music which was owned by Freddie Mercury & Jim Beech.

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