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What Fans Should Know Going Into Episode 5 of The Grand Tour

The teaser for The Grand Tour Episode 5 is out and it looks like we can expect plenty of hilarity to ensue in the deserts of Morocco.

While we have no insights on what Jeremy is doing with that cow, here’s what we do know so far.

The set up looks to be a classic comparison test between the boys. Each of them has chosen a different small convertible for the job. We know May will be in the Zenos E10 from the video, and Jeremy will be driving the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, so by default Hammond must be in the Mazda MX 5. They’re similar choices, but for the cost. While the Mazda and the Zenos are between $30,000 and $40,000 the Alfa starts at $65,900.

taking-a-breakPast episodes of The Grand Tour have seen each presenter singled out for something. Two weeks ago, Hammond was the odd man out with his Dodge Hellcat, which provided a humorous counterpart to May and Clarkson’s more dignified Rolls Royce and Aston Martin. Last week it was May who stood out in his perpetually disintegrating mud-mobile. This price gulf may be what sets Jeremy apart from the others this week.

Another outlier on this week’s upcoming episode are the farm animals that you are sure to have noticed. So far we have seen a cow, a donkey and a camel. Jeremy is attempting to coax them on to a giant scale to act as ballast against the infamously light-weight Mazda.  At least for Hammond and May’s sake, they don’t seem to be riding them. In old Top Gear, those two and animals haven’t mixed well, resulting in a sprained wrist for Hammond and cracked ribs for May. What is worrying though, given Jeremy’s history with cows, is that he appears to be wearing a cooking apron.


We know that the location for the episode is Morocco, but what you may not have spotted is that they are just outside the town of Ouarzazate, where another massively popular show is shot, Game of Thrones. More specifically, it was home, for a little while, to the Khaleesi herself.  While there seems to be no sign of Daenerys, it does look like a good time was had by all on set. While the dragons away the hamster will play.



That just leaves the tent. There are no specific clues in the teaser, but if you follow the Twitter trail, we see the smart money is on Holland, more specifically Rotterdam. In the coming weeks, we will see them in Finland, Germany, back in the U.S. in Nashville, by the Loch Ness in Scotland and eventually in Dubai for the finale.


The Grand Tour rolls on.

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