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What Is FoodTribe And How Can You Sign Up?

After the success The Grand Tour and Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May’s dive into the digital world with DriveTribe, they trio have decided to take another step. This time, it’s into the world of food and cooking with a new website called FoodTribe.

What Is FoodTribe?

Like DriveTribe, which Jeremy Clarkson explains as “YouPorn but for cars,” the idea revolves around a community who can talk about food. It’s run by the same people as DriveTribe and allows anyone to discuss cooking from interested foodies to budding chefs and professionals.

There’s a constant feed of engaging content such as poles where you can vote for your favourite dishes and recipes, and articles that professionals have written, for example, why you should buy a gas BBQ over coal. It’s really quite interesting.

As a tribe leader, just like DriveTribe, you can create your own collection of content on anything food. Only like smoked meats? Then that’s all you need to talk about – if you want to talk at all.

Signing Up For FoodTribe

What Is FoodTribe And How Can You Sign Up?

By clicking the menu at the top left and then sign up, you can continue with either your Facebook profile or an email address. A quick confirmation later, you’re in and ready to explore.

Scroll down to find the hottest new articles and start your adventure of following tribes, people, and creating your own content. There are already plenty of different tribes to follow, so you won’t find it difficult to find something you love.

I’m going to step back and just watch for now, I need some more recipes especially with Christmas already feeling so close. If you’ve got your own tribe, let us know, we’ll be sure to follow you!

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