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What’s the Funniest Moment of The Grand Tour – Here’s Ours

There is a monumental amount of funny moments from each season of The Grand Tour, and we’ve spent years trying to whittle the hours of clips down to a select handful of the funniest examples. But alas, there are too many brilliant moments. 

Because of this, we want you to go to the comments below and tell us your favourite and funniest moment from The Grand Tour. It can be any season, any episode, it just has to make you laugh. Ours, today, is the moment where James May breaks Stalin’s house during the episode ‘Sea to Unsalty Sea‘ of Season 3. 

With Richard Hammond in a Bentley Continental GT, Clarkson in an Aston Martin DBS and James May in a BMW 8-Series, they arrive at the birthplace of Stalin. They get to his house and have a good look around but, during their talk about how awful Stalin was, James looks in a cupboard and breaks it. They burst into laughter, as do we.

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So c’mon! Let us know if you think we’re right with our choice. Of course, our choice will change tomorrow as we remember yet another funny moment from the show, but as we said before, let us know your choice down below and we’ll tally up the results and eventually make a list of the best moments.

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  1. THE funniest episode of Grand Tour was when our boys decided to feed the world. James getting bathed in fish water every time he would brake! Poor Richard not being able to stay upright in his motorcycle on the poor roads! And Jeremy’s laughing is infectious!

  2. My funniest moment is Richard Hammond’s Christmas gift of the his carwreck catching fire when the alarm goes off

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