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Which 3 Cars Would Jeremy Clarkson Buy For £100,000

In a recent interview on The DriveThrough podcast, Jeremy Clarkson was asked a very serious question. If he had only a three-car garage, and £100,000 to spend on vehicles… what would he have?

Well, his answers may not be surprising to those of us familiar with Clarkson’s preferences. If you think you know, have a guess and see which you get right.

1. Range Rover Vogue V8 Diesel ~ £15,000

Over the years, Clarkson has gone on and on about how much he loves Range Rovers. It will come as no surprise that the motoring icon has a TDV8 Vogue SE for getting around on his farm. Diesel would be Clarkson’s choice for engine as well, since it requires less maintenance and gets more miles to the gallon.

A quick look online seems to find a huge selection of the vehicles for sale in the £15k range, at least in the UK. One from about ten years ago, with 100k miles would fill the first spot in the garage, no problem. Clarkson still has £85,000 in his budget.

2. Nissan Skyline GT-R

At first, Clarkson almost picked a BMW M3 as his performance car. However, he changed his mind, and while thinking about a Nissan GT-R, elaborated by saying a Skyline. He went on to price this pick in at about £70,000.

For that money, one could get a very nice Skyline GT-R from the turn of the century. Around that time, Clarkson started hosting the new Top Gear, and there is this nostalgia-inducing review he shot of a Skyline R33 from back then.

If he had been more specific about which Skyline he’d have, that’d be nice, unfortunately we’ll have to use our imaginations. Now, he’s left with another £15,000.

3. Alfa Romeo GT V6

Ah, we all should have seen this one coming. Clarkson has a soft-spot for the Alfa. While he did say that he would take either a “really tasty GT V6” or a Spider, we know he’s taken the GT V6 in the past.

The model that he drove in the Italian sports car special of Top Gear, was taken home by Jezza after the shoot. He was obsessed with it, and rightfully so, it’s amazing.

Plus, for the remaining money, you can get a much better example of a GT V6 than a Spider.

Did you know which cars Clarkson would pick? Maybe you expected something a little goofier? Oh well, now if you ever find yourself having to answer this in a pub quiz, you’ll have the answer.

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