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Why The Grand Tour Ditched The Tent: Revealed

The Grand Tour has taken a different route in the last few specials, which seems to have gone down well with the fans of the show.

Viewers have seen more of a focus on the cars, giving the hosts Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond, the opportunity to get back to their roots of being ‘nerdy’ about the cars. The shows have been set out like films with a picturesque view of each location. We have seen the trio go all over the globe with the new format, including, Scotland, Madagascar, and the latest was in Norway.

Prime Video announced ahead of the fourth season that the team would be ditching the ‘touring’ tent to focus more on the “big road trip stories”. Hammond explained why they made the decision to make the change. The former Top Gear host said:

“We sort of arrived at that point quite naturally. It’s no secret we’ve been on telly together for a long time, and many years ago, one of our shows accidentally became our first special. The film we made was too big to fit in to the show, so we thought, all right, well, we won’t do the studio and other stuff, we’ll just do the big event, and then it’s grown from there year by year.

He continued:

“Then we came to Amazon, and there’s no secret about it, it’s a well funded show. We could go further on those adventures and do more. Amazon, of course, can also plug into finding out exactly what people like and respond to, which is great to know because we want to deliver the show that people want.”

It has been reported that Prime Video are able to see which parts of the show are regularly skipped, so they were able to see that viewers were not as bothered by the bits of the show that were in the roaming tent.

Hammond went on to say:

“It turns out that the viewers’ favourite bits are also our favourite bits—namely when the three of us just pack up and go somewhere incredible and do something ridiculously incredible, exciting, dangerous, somewhere amazing. I think we would be fools not to do more of that. I’m sure if anybody should be given the same opportunity, that’s what they’d do.”

The latest special, The Grand Tour: A Scandi Flick, has proved to be a hit with fans and viewers are already eagerly waiting for the release date of the next one, which has just been filmed in Eastern Europe.

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