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Wild Video Shows Norwegian Police Flexing Their Car Chase Prowess

Do you remember that terrible cop-comedy movie with Will Ferrell and Marky Mark, The Other Guys? It starts with an unbelievably over-the-top police chase, that results in total mayhem over what would be just a ticketable offence. Well, this Norwegian dashcam video shows the hard opposite.

The short clip starts as a couple of policemen are responding to a report of two armed jewelry thieves, who robbed a store, forcing employees into submission at gunpoint, and then fled on a moped. I’d recommend watching it before anything gets spoiled.

Not only does the cop drive especially well, he does it on narrow pedestrian paths!

You can hear the two shouting back and forth to each other in Norwegian, while skimming past civilians with mere inches of tolerance!

How quickly do you think they go over that walking bridge? 30 mph?

It may not sound like a lot, but consider the guy with, what looks like a stroller, they narrowly avoid. Not to mention the woman who has to push against the side to not get flattened.

Then when they do pit maneuver the guys, its more of just slamming them head on with their car. I know the guys had a weapon, and you can hear the cops yelling at them to lay down. It’s hard to imagine they’re going anywhere after being slammed like that.

Kudos to these cops, I was entertained. If only this sort of thing happened more often…

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