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Woman Flees After Crashing $300k Aston Martin Vanquish

So it’s after midnight, in Melbourne, Australia. A 27 year-old man has allowed a girl he doesn’t know to give his Aston Martin Vanquish a test drive. One can’t imagine how this might go wrong.

Before trying to impress a girl with a spin in your $300,000 V12 GT, check her ID.

In this instance, the woman drove into a pole, probably as soon as she touched the accelerator. Not one to be left with an insurance increase, she bailed.

When the police turned up, the owner of the vehicle was shotgun. He told them of this mysterious woman, who couldn’t handle all 580 horsepower of his exotic British sports car. There’s no telling if the police believed this tale, or if they went along out of pity.

No doubt, any crash of an expensive vehicle gets higher levels of scrutiny. Regardless, if the cause of the accident truly was a witching-hour joy ride… that still sucks.

The Aston took a load of front-end damage. The bumper, hood, grille, etc. are all obviously goners. As for the radiator, that’s gone too, and likely most of the engine. When all said, this could have totaled the car.

Let is be a warning to any of you loosey-goosey guys, not that I think you need it…

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