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10 Best Moments from Season 1 of Top Gear

It has been a while since Top Gear Season 1 premiered. It’s been so long in fact, that we’ve decided nothing would be better than to go back and remember the top ten most awesome moments the inaugural season gave us. So without further ado, here it is, the Top Gear Top Ten: Season 1.

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1. “And on that bombshell” – Episode 3


                  What could be a better moment than hearing this for the first time? It’s a phrase every true Top Gear fan knows and loves.

2. The Stig’s Debut – Episode 1


 The debut of the mysterious tame racing driver. The most famous and unknown driver in the world. Also possibly the weirdest.

3. Grannies Doing Donuts – Episode 3


Is there anything better than watching your grandma do donuts in a sports car? I think not.

4. Nissan R34 GT-R Review – Episode 4


   Seeing Godzilla on Top Gear is a real treat for any die-hard Japanese car fan.

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5. First Run of the Top Gear Test Track – Episode 1


One of the most famous tracks in the world and it all started right here.

6. Grannies Doing Handbrake Parking – Episode 6


You know what is just as cool and grannies doing donuts? Grannies doing handbrake parks.

7. James Bond Budget Car Build Off – Episode 5


The first “build” by the Top Gear boys and it goes off in proper Top Gear fashion.

8. The Naming of “Gambon Corner” –  Episode 8


Named in honor of Sir Michael Gambon and his close call while racing on the Top Gear Test Track and nearly rolling the car on the final corner.

9. Debut of the “Cool Wall”- Episode 6


A long running segment, the cool wall made its debut in season one and made for many a good laugh for seasons to come.

10. Ugly Mullet Guy – Episode 3


The segregation of the Top Gear audience by looks has been long established. This guy was one of the first victims, but he takes it like a champ.

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