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2017 Ford GT Finally Reveals Top Speed

The upcoming 2017 Ford GT is an extremely intriguing car. In a world chock full of super and hypercars, there should be no reason why this one should stick out from the crowd, yet I am anticipating the GT’s launch more than any other car in recent memory. And this thing promises to be FAST; perhaps not Bugatti “fast,” but still plenty fast enough to put quite a few of its peers to shame.

We’ve been told that the Ford GT will have a top speed of over 200 MPH (approximately 216mph); we just don’t know what that official number is yet. While we still don’t have anything official from Ford yet, we do have something that may give us a closer idea of what type of top speed the GT has in store.

Ford released a few new images and videos of the GT’s digital instrument cluster today, and the most striking image was one that showed this:

Is that the GT’s top speed? Is it simply “a” speed that it can hit on the way to its top speed? Seriously, I want to know how fast this thing is supposed to be! Besides speed, Ford says that this dashboard is an early look at what will come to other cars in its lineup. And man, this dash has some cool tricks.

The dashboard will display the most pertinent information to the driver based off of whatever driving mode they are in (Normal, Wet, Sport, Track, V-Max). Controlled by dials on the steering wheel, the dash will highlight and prioritize whatever information the driver needs at any given moment. The best part is that the information center is still clean and simple; it’s not an information overkill like some other supercars out there.

What do you think of the top speed of the Ford GT will be, and what do you think about the new digital dash? And more importantly, do you Jeremy will be able to resist buying one, despite his issues with his last Ford GT?

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