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A Hero Has Made A Song From Clarkson Sounds

We hope you all already know that James May is a skilled musician. Richard Hammond also has experience behind a bass guitar. Clarkson however, is a very poor musician. Despite taking drumming classes when he was a child, he hasn’t got a musical bone in his body and soon stopped them before wasting more money. You can see the results of that in the video below…

Hammond and May were amazing… Clarkson, not so much. For the first half of the song he wasn’t quite able to stick to the tempo, and within the first ten seconds managed to drop his sticks during a fill. Obviously, he’s not exactly trained, so can you blame him?

But what happens when you remove Clarkson from the musical process, and instead just use sounds that he’s made over the years of Top Gear? It turns out that you can make quite a track. Take a look below.

Are we in need of a Grand Tour Band? We think so! Let us know if you want the musical trio to return with instruments in hand!

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