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Chris Harris Shares Throwback Video With Rally Legend Ken Block After His Tragic Passing

Top Gear host Chris Harris has shared an old video of him and Ken Block messing around after a shoot.

The video shows Block attempting to do a donut in a dune buggy style car around Harris. He misjudges it slightly the first time and goes into the motoring journalists foot but then goes again and pulls the stunt off.

Harris shared the moment to his Instagram followers, writing:

“Just found this on my phone. Horsing around with Ken Block after a shoot. He nailed my foot. Then nailed the donut. Happy times.”

Fans loved the footage shared by Harris, one commented:

“When you see the second angle at the end he’s properly tearing it up! The man is a legend lost far too soon! Immensely talented and always seemed to be the coolest, nicest, most genuine person when you saw interviews with him.”

It was announced earlier this week that Ken Block sadly passed away after a tragic snowmobile accident. The 55-year-old’s company Hoonigan confirmed the news on social media. Harris has already spoken out on Block’s passing, saying:

“RIP to the man who changed the world of filming cars more than anyone else, Ken Block. Lucky to have sat next to him and watched the madness first-hand on many occasions, then absorbed all of the content. He was a true gentleman, and he showed me kindness at a time when I needed it.

“A shining talent gone far too soon. Thoughts with his family and his team at this incredibly sad time.”

Block was widely known for his rallying, founding DC Shoes, Hoonigan Racing, and Hoonigan Industries, as well as his popular Gymkhana videos on YouTube. The videos featured Block racing around the streets pulling off the most insane and incredible stunts.

More recently, fellow rally driver Travis Pastrana has been doing the Gymkhana videos with the latest being in Florida so there is a chance these will continue in Block’s memory.

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