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Is This James May’s Most Underrated Top Gear Moment?

James May has had some incredible moments on TV. He’s piloted a Bugatti Veyron to 250mph, found the source of the Nile, and helped build one of the greatest TV shows in the world.

But while he’s most well known for his phallic catch phrases and slow driving, there’s one joke that has been swept under the rug and lost to the history books. The thing is, this joke is one of the most underrated lines Captain Slow has ever muttered.

While discussing the a Hot Wheels remake of the Chevrolet Camaro during a Top Gear news segment, they start to list bad things to tread on. Of course, Hot Wheels cars were first, then came LEGO. But James May had an even better example of what hurts when you stand on it… I’ll let you watch the video below.

He’s not wrong, is he! Let us know what your favourite James May moment is and we’ll feature it on the site! And while you’re here, fancy taking a moment to browse through our merch? It keeps the website going!

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  1. Fav JM moment, when his car sank was the comment he made, “I’m getting quite bored of sinking!”!! 😂

  2. Regarding foreigners – “Thank you for coming to our country. Thank you for paying taxes. Thank you for washing my car”

    Riding a horse – “My nads are taking a pummeling. Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow”

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