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Jeremy Clarkson Fans Livid as Netflix Suddenly Pulls Old Top Gear Episodes

Netflix has gone and mysteriously pulled a bunch of classic Top Gear episodes from their service in the UK. Without notice, some viewers were actually cut off while watching the show.

Naturally, fans of Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond were very upset to find some of their favorites taken away from them. Now they’re left with the new hosts, and a lacking assortment of older episodes to chose from.

I have never felt so sad in my life, for some reason Top Gear is gone from Netflix!!!

These sorts of changes are usually announced. We’ve all seen the “coming to Netflix this month” pages, where all of their changes are outlined in full.

Perhaps these changes had some sort of secret motive. It wouldn’t be surprising if the big-wigs at Netflix, or more likely the BBC, found some content objectionable. Would anyone really be surprised if the BBC, who fired Clarkson after nearly 30 years, cancelled some of his backlog of shows?

Why was I halfway through the #TopGear special when it got removed. I didn’t sit through part one to have to watch part two on a YouTube screen with the quality of a Nokia brick

Details on what episodes were taken down are still sparse, and no comments have been made by any company involved on what motivated the decision. If you’ve been holding off on a binge, best look elsewhere for your fix.

Amazon Prime might be your only option soon enough. That is, if you insist on paying.

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