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Latest Top Gear Stunt Leaves Paddy McGuinness Wanting To “Have A Little Cry”

The latest episode of Top Gear saw the hosts Paddy McGuinness, Freddie Flintoff, and Chris Harris go off on an adventure around Thailand in pick-up trucks. It also included a hilarious moment when McGuinness said he needed to “lie down and have a little cry” after he was taken for a drift.

The highly anticipated new series of the BBC show, which aired on Sunday evening, had viewers laughing in tears when McGuinness was taken out by a local female driver called Christie to do some drifting around a car park and the driver had to ask if he was okay. McGuinness said:

“No (seat) belt, lots of exposed metal – kids, do not try this at home… I’m just going to find a little spot to lie down and have a little cry. Wowzers.”

The show also goes back to Britain with Harris taking the Rimac Nevera for a test drive. Many people have likened Harris to previous host, Jeremy Clarkson, after his review of the electric two-seater hypercar. Harris has always been able to bring the in-depth facts and reviews of cars to the table, which the viewers love.

Later in the latest series, the trio take affordable microcars to Paris. 6’3″ Flintoff explained how that went for him. He said:

“To everyone’s amazement, I could actually fit in it! I felt a bit enclosed and a bit claustrophobic but I did fit in, although I don’t think you would have got anyone in the seat behind me. The car I was in was like a transformer – you pressed a button and the wheels went in and out.

“My car still had a few teething problems as we were driving round but getting the chance to go around the city like we did was brilliant. Paris was somewhere I hadn’t had the chance to spend a lot of time visiting before so it was great. However, in all honesty I think I’d rather pedal on a bike, or even walk next time!”

McGuinness set viewers up for the rest of the series saying it has “something for everyone” and “a lot of entertainment”. The latest presenters have had an incredible reception after the show was trying to find a trio of hosts that worked as well as Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, after their dramatic exit in 2015.

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