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Petition Launches To Name Nürburgring Corner After Sabine Schmitz

We were so incredibly sad to hear that the Queen of the Nurburgring, Sabine Schmitz, had passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer. The news was released yesterday, and the aching of the car community was plentiful as it was shared across the motoring world.

We never met Sabine, but I’m yet to hear a bad word about her as her friends, workmates, and family write paragraphs upon paragraphs of happy memories and compliments for the German racing driver. She radiated positivity with infectious charisma and a love for motorsport. For this reason, fans have started a petition to name a corner of the legendary Nurburgring after her.

It’s estimated that she drove around the ‘Ring over 20,000 times, and had several wins there including the 24-hour touring car race in1996 and 1997, behind the wheel of a BMW M3. Not to mention the fact that she drove a Ford Transit van around the German track, setting a time of 10:08. She was incredibly talented. Too talented.

So please sign the petition – you can find it here. 

Here’s what it says:

Sabine Schmitz, apart from being a world-wide celebrity, brilliant driver and fantastic ambassador for the region and the Nürburgring, was the first woman to win the Nürburgring 24-hour race in 1996. Not once, but twice.

The Nürburgring Nordschleife possesses between 73 and 170 corners, depending on how you count them. Many of which are unnamed.

I believe that, like Stefan Bellof, her impact upon the Nürburgring’s history (and motorsport) warrants the official naming of a section of the Nordschleife in her honour.

If you agree, I’d ask you to sign this petition and share it with those in our motorsports family.

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