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Reactions to Announcement of Top Gear Release Date

The BBC (finally) releasing the air dates for series 24 of Top Gear earlier this week has caused a bit of a rift in the fan base. Personally, we think the trailer and promo photos look extremely promising. Debuting as appropriately action-packed, the photos shows glimpses of everything from an apparent rocket launch, to a ski-lift, and everything in between, which apparently includes mind-bogglingly huge off-roaders and the Stig ablaze. They’ve got cars covered as well, from Alfa Romeos to Zenos.

The full-length trailer showed the BBC poking fun at itself (if just a little), as the three new hosts sit in front of a very stiff member of the insurance department. What likely resonated so well with people was the humor and the chemistry between hosts, both of which desperately need to make a comeback for this series to be successful.

It is here where we find the rift, though. People took to Twitter to give their brutally honest opinions of the new Top Gear. Many compared it to The Grand Tour and also to the days of “old” Top Gear.

Not everything was so negative though. Lots of fans of the show seems willing to give Top Gear a second chance after series 23 being a bit of a flop in the ratings. In fact, many said they were looking forward to it, feeling that The Grand Tour had been just too scripted.

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As for us, we have to agree with what The Grand Tour gang said during their most recent DriveTribe Q&A. Richard explained that they have never had any feelings of animosity towards the new iteration of Top Gear and hope it does well, saying anything that keeps car shows current and popular can’t be bad for The Grand Tour. As James put it, people eat more than one kind of food and read more than one kind of magazine, so why would they not watch more than one car show?


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One Comment

  1. The Grand Tour is as good as the old Top Gear was, it’s light hearted with cars you can say what you want about Hammond May and clarkson like F1 the bullshit stops with lap times and the ratings for TGT speaks for it’s self.

    The BBC are never going to get that back, they can stick who they want in the seats, it’s done, and again the ratings show that, and a rocket big 4x4s, reliant robin and Hammond in Dubi come to mind, once again BBC trying the old school 3.

    Give up now top gear is dead and you BBC killed it.

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