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Richard Hammond’s Top Gear Special Opel Kadett ‘Oliver’ Might Be Hot Rodded

The majority of us have a bit of extra spare time right now thanks to the pandemic, and this has left presenters of The Grand Tour Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hamond, and James May with some time to focus on projects. May is making the most of filming for their social site, DriveTribe, Clarkson is filming for outside projects such as I Bought The Farm and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and Hammond is doing the promotional rounds for The Great Escapists.

But with filming for the show already completed, he’s now looking for another project. On the DriveTribe YouTube channel he admits that Oliver, his little Opel Kadett from the Top Gear Botswana special, isn’t in the best nick. And because of this, he’s wanting to spend some time to put him right.

Hammond purchased Oliver for the Top Gear Botswana special before taking him across some of the most dangerous parts of Africa. Along the way he fell in love with it, and while the other two presenters highly modified and changed their cars to cope with the volatile conditions of their adventure, Hammond left his almost entirely untouched and it still managed to complete their challenges.

Hammond admits that while he’s doing the overhaul, he wants to do something special to the car, such as whacking a great V8 under the bonnet and doing a hot rod conversion, or even converting him into a rally car.

The possibilities are surely endless, and with this, we could get much more content on this special car. Hopefully, we might even be given an Amazon show that gives Oliver the love and attention he deserves. However it is much more likely that it will be DriveTribe that follows the build as Hammond turns it into something we’ve never seen before.

What would you like Hammond to do to the fan-favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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