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The Funniest Time Top Gear’s Presenters Endangered Themselves

Ah Alabama. Can’t live with it… wouldn’t even try. If only Top Gear would’ve understood the gravity of the state’s situation before filming their iconic American South special.

It was over a decade ago, in 2007, when James, Jeremy, and Richard took to the deep south to rustle some feathers. When presented with their challenge, the three of them were dripping with sweat, succumbing to the Alabama heat.

The challenge: don’t get shot. Bonus points if you get your coworkers shot.

They grabbed their children’s paint, and set to work decorating each-other’s cars in the most inflammatory ways possible.

Now, as someone who lives in the South, the funnies alteration was “man-love rules ok.” which James wrote on the side of Richard’s pickup truck. Not because it’s the most dangerous- “Hillary for president” gets that credit- but because of how unnecessary the “ok” at the end was.

There’s a lot to be said for the simple “I’m bi” adorning Jame’s Cadillac. It was an ingenious plot on the part of Jeremy, to both solidify the “Hillary for president” declaration as believable, as well as to complement the “NASCAR SUCKS” on the boot.

As we’ve all know, Richard has a hard time with insults, and he could only come up with “countrywesternisrubbish” on the side of Jeremy’s car. In fairness, he demonstrated the most creative brush work, with both a yellow fill and pink line color.

It wasn’t long before the trio had a run-in with some upset locals. Judging by the shot up signs in the area, and outspoken gas-station attendant, they’re lucky they only had rocks thrown at them.

Remember, this was the same episode where PETA got angry at the show. In a different scene, the boys wake up to a full grown cow on the roof of Jeremy’s car. Although it was dead, the flippant way that Jeremy maneuvered it off, and into the mud, earned some fallout for the BBC.


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