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Tiff Needell Recalls Classic Top Gear As He pulls off the ‘Woollard’ In Recent Photo

Apart from Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, there have been a large number of presenters on Top Gear who directly, or indirectly, contributed to the show’s success. One of them being William Woollard, who appeared in over 175 episodes from 1981 to 1991.

Jeremy Clarkson worked with him for three years until replacing Woollard entirely when he started his own production company. Woollard also presented Rally Report for the first eight series, hosting over 58 episodes and 7 specials!

Woollard had a peculiar pose that he practiced every time he stood next to a car. He would mount one foot on the bumper with the knee bent and go about reviewing the car.

A few years ago, it became a social media trend to pose the same way when standing next to a car. It was called ‘Woollarding’. However, Neither Jeremy, Richard nor James got involved in the trend.

Tiff Needell, a former Top Gear Presenter and British Racing driver was recently spotted practicing the pose on Twitter. The tweet posted by Lovecars shows Tiff doing the ‘Woollard’ against a Volvo Polestar 2.

After ending his racing career, Tiff co-hosted Top Gear in 1987 until 2001 when the show was cancelled by the BBC. He then worked with channel 5 to produce a new motoring show called Fifth Gear. The 70 year old presenter now works with Lovecars.

Tiff has also presented Top Gear with Jeremy Clarkson until Jeremy left the show in 1998, only to return in 2002 to aid in the formation of a new format for Top Gear. Richard Hammond and James May were hired the same year, who then formed the famous ‘Top Gear Trio’.

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  1. James wasn’t hired right away for the new format, he came in series two onwards.

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