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Top Gear: Chris Harris Teases New Series Of Car Show With Photo Of Bald Tyres: “Whoops”

A new series of Top Gear is currently being filmed according to recent posts by presenter Chris Harris. This comes only a couple of months after fellow presenter Paddy McGuinness told us that Top Gear filming was wrapped.

He told his Instagram fans the following:

“Shower news!” he shouts as he holds his phone in the shower. “We’ve just finished filming the new season of Top Gear so that will be on your tellies in the next few months.”

This video was posted after he posted photos of himself, Chris Harris, and Freddie Flintoff in Iceland filming for an episode of the BBC car show:

Now, Chris Harris has posted a photo to his Twitter account of a Ferrari model with carbon fibre wheels. It’s a closeup of the tyre, showing how little tread it has left after what we expect to be a piece of aggressive driving from the Top Gear presenter. “Whoops,” he notes beside the photo.

A fan penned the following in response:

“I would say burning rubber, but looks like your burning canvas instead.

“Guessing the loud pedal was very loud today.”

Another added:

“Do they give you like 3 sets of tyres knowing your coming for a test drive!?”(sic)

No release date for the next series of Top Gear has been released, and being this far through the year without any word of a date, I’m struggling to believe it will be released this year. Regardless of this, I’m very excited to see what the crew have in store for us.

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