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Top Gear Comes Under Fire As Recent Content is Ridiculed: “Time-wasting Nonsense”

Top Gear have caused absolute chaos on their social media recently after posting a link to a satire article but not making it clear it wasn’t true. Many of their followers believed it or hit back instantly that it should be marked as a joke.

The article named “‘Buy one get one free’ on all Jaguars if England win World Cup” is about how if England win the World Cup, anyone who buys a Jaguar will be gifted another one for free. Obviously, this is made up and on their website it is down as ‘Satire’ and written by ‘Cory Spondent’. However, on the Facebook post, there is no mention of it being fake and they captioned the link to the article:

“Jaguar to usher in football-based initiative in hope of kickstarting sales”

Fans were not happy. One fan commented:

“In what way is this “satire” or comedic in any way? Top Gear’s social media has gone seriously off-piste recentley, just confusing, time-wasting nonsense.” [sic]

Another wrote:

“I can’t see the funny side of this”

A lot of other fans believed the article was true and were likening it to Pepsi. Two fans wrote:

“Is this like Pepsi.. win a harrier fighter jet? You buy a jag and they say it was a joke to get one free!”

“This could go the way of the Pepsi competition where the guy won a Harrier jump jet”

Here are a round up of some of the other comments left.

“Going by the title.. they clearly don’t expect England to win the World Cup”

“Soo they are basically tanking their sales until England have no chance of winning.”

“Great idea, everyone will be rushing out to buy expensive cars during a cost of living and fuel crisis”

“Jaguar are safe in the knowledge that it’s not coming home”

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