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Top Gear Editor Mark Talbot-Butler Has Died Aged 55

An internationally critically acclaimed editor who has worked on TV shows like Top Gear and Dynamo has died aged 55. Mark Talbot-Butler, from Northwich, died at his home in Reading on December 30 after battling an incurable form of cancer, and his funeral took place last Friday. A memorial will also be held once the UK’s lockdown has ended.

His Canadian wife Tanya, 51, told The Northwick Guardian:

“It was never a career or job, it was a passion. There was never anything else he wanted to do.

“It was his passion for what he did that drew him to me.

“He took such great pride in his work, he’d often be up until 4 am editing rushes until he got it just right.

“It was a personal thing, he wanted to do his absolute best for the director, to get their vision into the film.

“He loved film, it was a very big part of his life.”

Below is one of many Top Gear episodes Mark edited, with other notable episodes being the Top Gear’s tribute to UK vehicle manufacturing, and the search for the greatest driving road in the world:

Friend and fellow filmmaker Chris Jones also gave the outlet his feelings on the loss of Mark:

“I am not sure I knew anyone with a greater depth of knowledge and deep passion about film as Mark. I learnt so much from him. He gave me the gift of rigorously high standards. We have lost another great British film talent.”

Mark, a huge fan of the film Planet of the Apes, collected 2,400 behind the scenes stills of the sci-fi movie. Tanya told The Northwich Guardian:

“He was an avid Planet of the Apes fan and he loved Star Trek. His man cave is filled with DVDs, special books and memorabilia.

“He liked and watched anything that was a good piece of work, action films, karate, drama, westerns.

“He was definitely someone you wanted on your pub quiz. He could tell you who directed episodes, he worked with so many famous people.”

As Top Gear fans, united we grieve the loss of Mark and send our best wishes to his family – his parents Mike and Wyn, younger brother Nick, sister-in-law Joy and nieces Charlotte, Olivia and Lucy.

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