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Top Gear Fans Condemn The Sun After “Disgusting” Headline On Freddie Flintoff’s Crash

The Sun has come under fire from angry Top Gear fans after their “disgusting” coverage of Freddie Flintoff’s crash.

A spokesperson for the BBC announced yesterday that Flintoff had been in a crash whilst filming for the show at the test track in Surrey. They said:

“Freddie was injured in an accident at the Top Gear test track this morning, with crew medics attending the scene immediately. He has been taken to hospital for further treatment and we will confirm more details in due course.”

There have not been any further statements over what happened and Flintoff’s condition now, other than his son saying to the press that it was “a pretty nasty crash”, “shocking”, and that he is “lucky to be alive”.

As the news has started spreading, fans have been hitting back at The Sun for their insensitive headline over the incident, who titled their article “Freddie, Steady… Crash”.

One Twitter user shared their thoughts on the headline, writing:

“The Sun headline making fun of the fact Freddie Flintoff has been flown to hospital after a serious crash!?? Disgusting.”

Another Top Gear fan called the organisation “dispicable”:

Yes, that’s right, @TheSun are leading their online coverage with a headline that pokes fun at a serious crash that resulted in Freddie Flintoff being airlifted to hospital. A despicable organisation that should’ve been liquidated years ago.”

A third user wished The Sun “a speedy liquidation”. They wrote:

“Why in a civilised society are s**t rags like this still in press Freddie Flintoff in an accident serious enough to need air lifting to hospital, condition unknown, and they feel this is appropriate Wishing him a speedy recovery And @TheSun a speedy liquidation #NeverBuyTheSun”

Many other fans have been hitting out with similar comments over the poor choice of headline, especially as we do not know yet the extent of Flintoff’s injuries and how serious the crash was.

Wishing Freddie a speedy recovery.

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