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Top Gear Makes Dig At Jeremy And Co.

Looks like Jeremy and friends aren’t the only ones that are adept at making cheeky insults; it seems that Joey Tribbiani is able to get in on some of the action as well. In a recent interview with the Press Association, Matt LeBlanc noted some differences between the current Top Gear hosts and the old guard.

Regarding the differences between Jeremy/James/Hammond and Matt/Chris/Rory, LeBlanc said:

“We go with wide eyes and anticipation and excitement and hopefully fulfillment; that’s the way we like to travel the world.

How it [Top Gear] was done before was a little different. But, that said, that worked. Our style of doing it is slightly different.”

LeBlanc was, of course, referring to the number of controversies that plagued Jeremy and the boys during their time on Top Gear. A few examples include the time Jeremy used the word “slope” to describe an Asian man in the Burma special (though one could argue that he was simply referring to the bridge’s angle), the Argentinian incident regarding Jeremy’s license plate, and their comments about Mexicans.

The new Top Gear cast, however, is not entirely innocent when it comes to controversy. Recall, if you will, the Series 23 episode when Ken Block angered a number of veterans when he performed a burnout in front of The Cenotaph.


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