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Top Gear Receives Incredibly Positive Reviews From Fans

Top Gear is back with a vengeance as it returns to BBC1 with Paddy McGuinness, Freddy Flintoff, and Chris Harris at the helm. The first episode kicked off the series with the trio reviewing three business class cars: a BMW 3 Series, Volvo S60, and a Tesla Model 3. We here at GTN thought it was brilliant, and according to social media reactions, the fans agree.

The new Top Gear episode turned into a laugh a minute, with the hosts having to stay in their cars for 24 hours without touching the floor. Quickly, Freddie felt the need to pee, but as they couldn’t exit their cars for such things, he was forced to use a shewee. In a hilarious moment, he missed the device and ended up making quite a mess, adding to the other presenter’s howling laughter.

It felt real, and the laughter was contagious.

The episode continued with the three presenters driving their cars around Bolton where Paddy grew up where they met an old neighbour of his near his family home. Later on, after filling up the cars with fuel and waiting for the Tesla to charge, they used the car’s karaoke feature and before long were surrounded by fans joining in.

As usual, Chris Harris has his review segment where he takes to the wheel of the Ferrari SF90. This wasn’t long enough, and because of that didn’t give us quite as much information on the car as we would have liked, but as this was the first episode, it’s no surprise they focussed on the three of them and the main piece.

Of course, there are parts of Top Gear that still need to be improved, but let’s not forget that we thought the same thing about Jeremy Clarkson’s era of Top Gear.

What a way to start the series.

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